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Adj.1.yellow-green - of a color midway between yellow and green
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Green-yellow beans and Light tan are much superior in quality, yields, mature faster and thrive in varied ecological conditions."The green-yellow variety, which is a cross between the Chelalang and the Katumani B1 (Kat B1), has the best qualities of both these varieties, making it a better option for cultivation," said Prof Towett.
Try Northpole - similar to McIntosh, Golden Sentinel - similar to Golden Delicious, or Scarlet Sentinel - green-yellow with red blush.
Information relating to Terminal 1 is in orange while that for T2 is in green-yellow. T2 has a floor area of 62,430sq ft (5,800[m.sup.2]) and is equipped with eight check-in desks, three departure gates and two baggage carousels in the arrivals hall.
Fruits and green-yellow vegetables such as cabbage, kale and celery also seemed to have a protective effect.
Sadly, the chips had their own image problem, being slightly tinged either yellowgreen, or green-yellow. A PS1 bag weighing 350g on my in-car scales had lukewarm contents, but at least they then tasted better than expected.
"The male has beautiful red and black wings and the female green-yellow dark wings.
A green light can score the lowest of 23 points, so if the composite scores drop two more points, then the general economic indicator will turn green-yellow.
the yard lit for ten feet by the dim green-yellow field of the