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n.1.(Zool.) See Bluefish, and Pollock.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The group includes: Greenfish Labs, a digital media and video production company in Elizabethtown that specializes in virtual-reality content; Elizabethtown-based digital marketing design firm Inovat; video production company Lake View Visual, also in Elizabethtown; and Manheim Township-based Seisan, an app developer that focuses on location-oriented apps for businesses.
Led by Greenfish CEO Sovanna Mam, the team will be in the heart of the action Friday and Saturday, tasked with producing virtual-reality and 360-degree live streaming videos for the event.
The 63-year-old director, who made his directorial debut with "GreenFish" in 1996, has been a mainstay at the international film festival.
In this memoir written as a detailed narrative, author Alfred Scott McLaren, a former Cold War submarine commander, offers an account of the activities of three nuclear submarines during the Cold War that gathered intelligence for military purposes but also conducted scientific research: the USS Greenfish, the USS Seadragon, and the USS Skipjack.
Uthicke, "The process of asexual reproduction by transverse fission in Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish)," SPC Beche-de-Mer Information Bulletin, vol.
Our passion for the potential and players in the Clean and Alternative Energy sector led us to create a dedicated Greenfish Division.
Loker (863) 471-1943; USS Goodhue APA107: Ward McDonald (608) 647-3439 USS Grand Canyon AD/AR28: Alexander Stefanic Jr (732) 251-4067; USS Greenfish SS-351: Ron (Red) Stubbs (417) 532-9451 USS Hale DD-642: Jon Marshall (708) 403-4908; USS Hank DD702: Carl Bloomquist (701) 662-2761; USS Hanson DD/DDR 832: Louis DeLancey (717) 567-3538 USS Hinsdale APA120: Bob Alexander (828) 628-2192; USS Hissem DE/DER-400: Bob Morstadt (631) 981-2584; USS Hollister DD-788: Nelda Rupp (503) 656-4949; USS Hugh Purvis DD-709: Dennis Dow (727) 771-7248 USS John Land AP167: Dan Grish (203) 758-4597; .