n.1.(Zool.) An oyster which has the gills tinged with a green pigment, said to be due to an abnormal condition of the blood.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill produced the top priced young bull when their 14 month old Limousin sold for PS940, a handful of 4-6month old stirks early in the day all sold around PS400.
It is just one mile away from Greengill Farm near the small Cumbrian village of Gilcrux, which was affected by the foot and mouth outbreak.
Store Cattle - A light show met with a similar trade to that seen of late, top price was PS1090 achieved by a 13 month old Limousin bull, leading heifer was a smart 15 month old Limousin from W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill and the highest priced steer came from the same home selling for PS960.
The show champion as reported above topped the sale however special mention must be made of an outstanding 21 month old British Blue heifer from W B Rutter & Sons of Greengill Farm, Scargill which caught the eye as a real cow maker of two buyers and went on to sell for an impressive PS1375.
Top price this week went to J D & M S Mortimer of Mayland Farm, Woodland with a 27 month old Limousin steer which sold for PS1160, leading the heifer trade were W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill with a 21 month old British Blue, she reached PS1090.
Leading the steer trade was a shapely 19 month old Limousin from W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill which sold for PS1090 followed closely by a trio all making PS1080 from R Stelling, Home Farm, Toft Hill and T W & C Emerson, Middlwewood Farm, Hollinside respectively.
More steers than heifers this week and no less than 20 sold in to 4 figures, the top price came in the shape of a 22 month old Limousin from J C Smith, Manor Farm, Egglescliffe which reached PS1100; the heifer trade was led by W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill with a 21 month old Charolais which sold for PS1050.
Cast Cattle - The edge is perhaps ever so slightly off the cow trade however still very strong indeed, twice this week we reached 190 pence per kilo, both Limousin's and both just over 40 months old they came from W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill and William Tindale, Paradise Farm, Shadforth; the Tindale family from Paradise also provided our lead grossing cow, a 7 year old Limousin, an impressive PS1230.
The top price was a 26 month old Limousin Heifer from regular vendors W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill when she sold to Bill Tindale of Paradise Farm Shadforth for PS1150.
The leading heifer was also a Limousin, the two-year-old from W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, Scargill, was given a reprieve from the finishing pen as she heads to Paradise Farm to make a cow for Bill Tindale of Shadforth.
Highlights included a tremendous five-month-old British Blue Heifer Stirk from S Beeforth, Low Crookleith, selling for PS790; two-year-old Limousin bulling heifers from J G Wilkinson, West Side twice sold to PS1320; young bulls sold to PS1115 from J Musgrave, Pawton Hill for a 16-month-old Limousin; a 25-month-old Simmental Steer from G Dowson, Barmby Farm sold for PS1215 and a 23 month old Limousin Heifer from W B Rutter & Sons, Greengill Farm, reached PS1040.
Bulls: Limousin PS970 Inglewood Bank, PS850 Blenkett Farm, PS850 Barnglies, Simmental PS930, PS915, PS890 Barnglies, Aberdeen Angus PS850 Blenkett Farm, British Blue PS680 (x2) Frizington Parks Farm, Brown Swiss PS550 Frizington Parks Farm, Holstein Friesian PS535 (x4) Pennine View, PS400 (x4) Whitbarrow Farm, PS415 Greengill Bank Farm.