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A greenish schist that forms under conditions of low temperature and low pressure and often contains the mineral chlorite, epidote, or actinolite.
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Regional metamorphism has altered the rocks to upper greenschist facies.
These units have widespread exposure, high thickness and metamorphosed to greenschist facies (Aliyari et al., 2009; Alizadeh-Dinabad et al., 2013; Almasi et al., 2015; Almasi et al., 2017) (Fig.
The oldest basement forming lithologies are mafic to tonalitic rocks metamorphosed under epidote amphibolite- and greenschist facies conditions.
Shi, "Study on creep damage constitutive relation of greenschist specimen," Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, vol.
Regional metamorphism is mostly at a greenschist grade, but ranges locally from subgreenschist to amphibolite facies [46, 47].
1b-c), the walls of which display folded beds of sandstone, shale and coal that were deformed and metamorphosed to lower greenschist facies in the Late Stephanian or Permian (ca.
The existing Burgers model has been modified based on the brittle damage characteristics of the greenschist structure surface and the curves of shear creep tests.
The earliest (D1) was the most intense, and was synchronous with peak greenschist metamorphism.
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