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 (grēn′wŏsh′ĭng, -wôsh′-)
The dissemination of misleading information that conceals abuse of the environment in order to present a positive public image.

[green + -washing (as in brainwashing whitewashing).]

green′washed′ adj.
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The practice of encouraging potential investors or customers to believe that a company has environmentally friendly practices, especially when these are seemingly contradictory to that company’s core business. An example might be environmental programs or initiatives launched by an oil company.
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Throughout the lesson we discuss the clay stages from slip, wet, leather hard, bone dry, greenware, bisque to the final stages of glazing.
Avoid plastics with recycling codes 3 (phthalates), 6 (styrene), and 7 (bisphenols) unless they are labeled as "biobased" or "greenware."
Apply to damp or leather hard greenware. See Hale Akoakoa 14 on previous page.
According to my research, in the early 1960s, greenware and bisque Peanuts molds were made and sold to ceramic hobby shops.
I view a pile of his greenware (unfired) bowls with assorted, hand-painted scenes including a stubborn burro pulled by a man, drunken figures weaving about, and a cat stretching as its tail soars in the air.
For discussion of the power of information technology to overcome limits on data accessibility generally, and hence on public engagement, see Glenna Ford, Using Information Technology to Measure, Monitor and Report on Environmental Performance (GreenWare Environmental Systems, 1998).
Greenware line of eco-friendly desktops, also rated highly for meeting green
There are many alternatives to PFOA such as stainless cookware, new ceramic coated greenware, and even the old-school cast iron plates (also a great way to get some daily iron).
Krasinskas still sells ceramic greenware to stores all over New England.
According to the company, the eco-friendly Wipro Greenware desktops are completely free from harmful chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs).