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a.1.Pertaining to, or like, a flock.
For this gregal conformity there is an excuse.
- W. S. Mayo.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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St Mirren - Walker, Wilson, Riddell, Wann, Thomson, Gregal, Campbell, Bryceland, Baker, Gemmell, Miller.
With grandad Charles being an environmental campaigner, Wills and Kate might choose the new gNappies gRegal gPants - a purple velour, eco-friendly nappy with gold embroidery.
Post-school options for individuals with intellectual disabilities focus primarily on work placement and community access through sport and recreational activities, and access to these and to educational opportunities for individuals in adulthood, continues to be very limited (Abells, Burbridge & Minnis 2008; Davis & Beamish 2009; Hart, Gregal & Weir 2010; Rubenson 2002).
Lorraine Gregal put her heart and soul into renovating her house and intended to stay there for years - until empty nest syndrome kicked in.
Oliver bases the struggle for freedom on the eight-pointed symbol of the rosa dels vents or nautical compass, sending her heroes on a quest in which they meet up with the eight "tribes" represented by the winds of the Mediterranean--Tramuntana, Gregal, Llavant, Xaloc, Migjorn, Garbi, Ponent, and Mestral.
Q: Can you print a St Mirren team featuring my late brother, Tony Gregal, who was a left-half?
Shawfield staged the final and you were on the losing side, the score being Clydebank 4 (Johnstone, Speedie, Gregal, Rice), Vale of Clyde 2 (Dawson, Wilson pen) The Vale team was: Walker, Richardson, McLure, Green, Wilson, McIntyre, Lawrie, Dawson, Hamilton, Geatons, McGowan.
Clydebank - McKinnon, Faill, Hood, Aitken, Wilson, McFarlane, Gregal, McKillop, Strang, Leith, Russell.
At the hospital last night his grandad, Matthew Gregal, said he was showing signs of improvement.