v. i.1.See Greet, to weep.
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Contract Notice: Glencairn Greit House (Glencairn Great House)This is the oldest building in Dumbarton Town, it dates back to 1623 and it is situated in the High Street.
329) on her: "Thy greit fairnes and all thy bewtie gay, / Thy wantoun blude [blood], and eik [also] thy goldin hair, / Heir [here] I exclude [remove] fra the for evermair" (Testament, 11.
Update: Jay Anderson forwarded further information received from the Paris Conservatory: Jean Marie Maximin Tranqois Alphonse, known as Greit, was born December 31, 1880 in Roanne (Loire).
In the earliest of Scotland's waters texts, published in 1580, Gilbert Skene impressed upon his readers that Aberdeen's well of the Woman hill had been discovered only four years previously to be 'ane diuine gift of God grantit and now laitlie manifestit to the greit support and adauncement of helth'.
Stausko deklaruojamos tezes apie architekto profesines atsakomybes suvokima, aplinkos konteksto svarba (",projektuojame ne daikta savyje, bet daikta aplinkoje"), posuki i humanizma, kaip i generaline ir perspektyvia siy laiky architekturos krypti ("globalizacijos mada greit praeis"), ir kitos turetu tapti sektinomis gairemis, jomis yra persmelkta visa profesoriaus veikla.
Tokia situacija Tocqueville'iui atrodo pavojinga ir jis antraja demokratines visuomenes raidos tendencija, kuria isryskina lygybe, vadina "tiesiu keliu i vergove" (Ten pat: 743), kai "is zmoniu samones greit isdyla mintis apie <.
The Vermeer character later proceeded to demonstrate the use of his new acquisition to his maid and model Greit (played by Scarlet Johansson).
LEXINGTON PARK, MD: The Hampshire Companies has announced the acquisition of the seven building 172,000 s/f Greit Pax River Office Park located in Lexington Park, Md.