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 (grən-näsh′, grĕn-äsh′)
1. A variety of grape grown in Spain and France that is used to make red wine.
2. A medium-bodied red wine made from this grape.

[From French grenache, from Old French (vin) vernache, a variety of fine wine, from Old Italian vernaccia, originally a fine variety of Ligurian wine, later any of several fine Italian wines, from Vernaccia, variant of Vernazza, name of the coastal town in Liguria from which the wine was shipped.]


n (sometimes not capital)
1. (Brewing) a black grape originally grown in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France and now in other wine-producing areas
2. (Brewing) any of various red wines made from this grape
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Producers are a little bit hampered by the appellation rules which insist on blends containing at least 50 percent Grenache.
Cherries and cinnamon often team up in Grenache, with a freshness that balances the heft of most turkey menus (keeping everyone from hitting the carpet way too soon).
Delas Cotes Du Rhone Blanc-A blend of multiple varietals (mainly white Grenache and Marsanne grapes), with white flowers, chrysanthemum tea, soursop nose-stoney, dry with crisp acidity.
Domaine Blanc Gris Cotes Catalanes Domaine Jones Blanc Grenache Gris Cotes Catalanes 2014 (13.
Domaine Blanc Gris Catalanes Domaine Jones Blanc Grenache Gris Cotes Catalanes 2014 (13.
Jones Grenache Cotes 2014 to | Email jane@onefootinthegrapes.
with in Domaine Jones Blanc Grenache Gris Cotes Catalanes 2014
Jones Grenache Cotes Catalanes 2014 to | Email jane@onefootinthegrapes.
You've got local red grapes like carignan, grenache and cinsault working together with varieties from Rhone like syrah and merlot from Bordeaux.
com) - The experts cite fresh acidity as the hallmark of a good rose and if you're usually lured by a Provencal label, it's worth considering this blend of syrah and grenache which offers bright berry fruits and long, fresh acidity.
50 percent Grenache and 50 percent Carignan from 25- to 50-year-old vines grown on stony soils.
The ripe red fruit-driven character makes me lean towards Grenache or some Rhone varietals, but maybe even hedged with a very ripe Pinot Noir.