grenade launcher

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grenade′ launch`er

any of various devices allowing a single soldier to launch small projectiles, as a shoulder-fired 40 mm weapon.
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"When they opened the bag, TSA officers were quite surprised to see unassembled parts of a rocket propelled grenade launcher and grenade packed inside.
Authorities said they seized 31 weapons, including five fully automatic long guns, a grenade launcher and two live grenades, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.
Pictures posted on Twitter show Army personnel reportedly testing an indigenous PAK-40 Automatic Grenade Launcher. The weapon platform is reportedly capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 55C to -24C.
It further said that the AGS-17 is capable of destroying enemy targets from 1,700 meters in distance, adding that the grenade launcher has recently been mounted on armored and normal vehicles of the Syrian army.
The grenade launcher was found loaded, with an extra round nearby.
They detained three people after the battle and confiscated 40 weapons, including 36 sub-machine guns and a grenade launcher which had been fired.
(AP) -- Officials of Hinds County Community College say they will dispose of a grenade launcher acquired under a Defense Department program to designed to disperse surplus military equipment.
One of the main differences of the MPRS compared to many dedicated grenade launcher fire control systems is that it can be used in two modes, one for 40 mm grenades, and the other for 5.56 mm rounds, thus considerably increasing the accuracy of soldiers direct fire thanks to the precise distance measurement and the use of ballistic tables by the built-in computer.
N.Caucasus: Attackers fired at a court building in the Russian Caucasus with a grenade launcher and triggered an explosive device, causing considerable damage but no casualties, police said Saturday.
A number of his associates were also held during the raid, which led to the seizure of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and multiple loaded AK-47 magazines, the alliance said in a statement.
The US Army has successfully tested its shoulder-fired smart grenade launcher for the first time at the Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland.
Soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division received the first of the Army's new 40mm M320 Grenade Launcher (GL) June 16 and began the process of training with the weapon for combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.