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Those who had never heard of Gobseck would have felt, on reading words which compelled him to whom they were addressed to obey, yet gave no order, the presence of the implacable money- lender of the rue des Gres. Like a dog called to heel by the huntsman, des Lupeaulx left his present quest and went immediately to his own rooms, thinking of his hazardous position.
Rating actions on Italy or other sponsoring governments, such as the Autonomous Province of Trento, will be mirrored on the GREs ratings.
In 2016, S&P downgraded eight corporate and infrastructure GREs on the back of sovereign rating actions, and took negative rating actions on five companies that are directly exposed to the hydrocarbon industry.
Jambyl GRES power plant will supply electricity to Kyrgyzstan, which should be paid for in advance, the Prime Minister said.
GREs we rate in the UAE, all with investment-grade ratings ('BBB-' or higher).
The UAE central bank is expected to publish the final version of regulations that seek to restrict lending to GREs in an attempt to insulate the banking sector better from the types of excessive leveraging seen in the sector in the run-up to the 2009 Dubai debt crisis.
The main credit rating of National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the largest lender in the emirate, was upgraded one notch by Standard & Poor's as the agency reclassified the bank as a government-related entity (GRE).
"The new debt management policy institutionalises an oversight framework and does not represent a shift in the sovereign support to strategic GREs," said Jean Michel Saliba, Mena economist at BofA Merrill Lynch.
Nevinnomisskaya GRES. High profitability of combined cycle unit at aone day aheada market allowed to compensate loss,
Standard & Poor's rates five Dubai-based companies that it considers to be GREs under its criteria: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DP World Ltd.