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n.1.A grove.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But when he saw the carriage take the way to La Greve, when he perceived the pointed roof of the Hotel de Ville, and the carriage passed under the arcade, he believed it was over with him.
If they meant to execute him at La Greve, it could scarcely be worth while to gag him, as they had nearly reached the place of execution.
Paul or of the Place de Greve; it was at the Traitor's Cross that his journey and his destiny were about to end!
but he is a scoundrel, that Frenchman," said Mazarin, "and the idea is not so ingenious as to prevent its author being tied up by the neck at the Place de Greve, by decree of the parliament."
If they are arrested they will only be put in the Bastile; if we are arrested it is a matter of the Place de Greve."
La Coordination des comites syndicaux de la Direction administrative et financiere, des Directions des ressources humaines, des Cellules de la planification et de la statistique et des Directions financieres et du materiel de la Primature et des departements ministeriels observent depuis lundi une greve de cinq jours pour exiger une amelioration de leurs conditions de vie et de travail, a-t-on appris de source syndicale.
Ils ont observe un 2e jour de greve, qui durera 4 jours, du 17 au 22 avril prochain.
C'est l'estimation du taux de participation a la greve generale observee, mercredi 24 fevrier, par l'Union marocaine du travail (UMT), la Confederation democratique du travail (CDT), la federation democratique du travail (FDT), l'Union generale des travailleurs du Maroc, (UGTM) et le Syndicat national de l'enseignement superieur.
Craig Greve's dog Solo attacked his 5ft-tall grandmother Rhona Greve at her Cardiff home on March 20 inflicting a series of wounds to her face, neck, legs, arms, and buttocks.