Grevillea robusta

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Noun1.Grevillea robusta - medium to tall fast-growing tree with orange flowers and feathery bipinnate leaves silky-hairy beneath; eastern Australia
genus Grevillea - large genus of Australian shrubs and trees having usually showy orange or red flowers
silk oak - any of several Australian timber trees having usually fernlike foliage and mottled wood used in cabinetry and veneering
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Grevillea robusta, an enormous freeway tree in the Valley that will soon be full of golden, comb-shaped blooms, is recommended for container growing.
Cardwellia sublimis and Grevillea robusta of the Family Proteaceae
60%) + resíduo de algodão (20%) + farelo de soja (10%) + farelo de arroz (10%); G 80 %: serragem de Grevillea robusta Cunn.