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Noun1.Grewia - a genus of tropical and subtropical Old World climbers or shrubs or trees
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Tiliaceae, linden family, Tiliaceae - chiefly trees and shrubs of tropical and temperate regions of especially southeastern Asia and Brazil; genera Tilia, Corchorus, Entelea, Grewia, Sparmannia
Grewia asiatica, phalsa - drought-resistant Asiatic treelike shrub bearing pleasantly acid small red edible fruits commonly used in sherbets
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The trellis directs a lavender star-flower (Grewia occidentalis) up a wall.
Occurrence of the Punjab urial was found between 330m and 600m elevation in the reserve, and predominant plant species in its habitat were Acacia modesta, Capparis aphylla, Ziziphus nummularia, Prosopis glandulosa, Adhatoda zeylanica, Sageretia theezans, Maytenus royleana, Dodonea viscosa, Grewia tenax, Lantana camara, Cynodon dactylon, Sonchus arvensis and Suaeda fruticosa.
Answering another question, he said that South Punjab was the hub of agri crops including mangoes, cotton, date palm, sun flower and Grewia Asiatica (falsa) and MNSUA had to play a major role for agriculturally rich and fertilile land.
ciliata] Euphorbia larica Fagonia brugueri Fagonia indica* Forsskaolea tenacissima Gaillonia aucheri [= Plocama aucheri] Geranium trilophum Glossonema varians Grewia tenax Gymnocarpos decandrus Haloxylon salicornicum Heliotropium kotschyi Indigofera intricata Iphiona aucheri Lasiurus scindicus Leptadenia pyrotechnica Lycium shawii Monsonia heliotropoides Nannorrhops ritchieana Ochradenus aucheri * Ochradenus baccatus [possibly = O.
18-19), roughly comparable to extant Grewia and Triumfetta, was found in
All the major ones--flowering maple (Abutilon), lavender starflower (Grewia), Lythrum, Lycianthes rantonnei-were planted from 5-gallon cans.
The most dominant and least important woody species recorded in the reintroduction release based on the IVI were Brachystegia boehmii Julbernadia globiflora and Grewia monticola Strychnos spinosa respectively (Table 1).
Grewia scabrophylla at times is an undershrub, when exposed to annual
Jayaprakash (2008).Performance of Phalsa (Grewia subinaequalis Lin.) through intergrated nutrient and canopy management of saline soils of the Indo-Gangetic plains.
In southern region of Ethiopia, Grewia tembensis was reported as the main preferred plant species by adult Camel in the wet season followed by Ormocarpum mimosoides and Acacia etbaica where as Cadaba farinose and Capparis tomentosa were most preferred herbaceous plant species in the dry season (Woodward and Coppock, 1995).
Sub-cluster C comprised of the following common woody plant species: Acacia robusta, Acacia schweinfurthii, Acacia tortilis, Acacia xanthophloea, Albizia harveyi, Berchemia discolor, Capparis tomentosa, Croton megalobotrys, Dichrostachys cineria, Ehretia amoena, Flueggea virosa, Grewia inaequilatera, Grewia flavescens, Grewia sulcata, Philenoptera violacea and Phyllanthus reticulatus.