gray market

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gray market

1. The business of buying or selling goods, such as imports, at prices below those set by an official regulatory agency or at prices below those prevailing in an established market.
2. The business of buying or selling securities that have not yet been officially issued and are not available through established brokers.

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gray′ mar′ket

1. a market operating within the law in which scarce goods are sold at above-market prices.
2. the selling of goods bought at a very large discount at prices substantially below the market price.
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Noun1.gray market - an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency
market, marketplace, market place - the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; "without competition there would be no market"; "they were driven from the marketplace"
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Grey markets end up hurting everyone including retailers, consumers, manufacturers and the industry as a whole.
Those who are connected with the consumer electronics industry would agree that Bahrain has been badly hit by the grey market. Proponents of a free market would argue that this is good for consumers as they get goods cheaper.
In 2014 these specials have included IPO grey markets on Alibaba, TSB Banking Group and Zoopla.
London, United Kingdom, September 04, 2014 --( FinancialSpreads, the UK spread trading and CFD trading company, has seen its Alibaba IPO grey market spike 10% higher.
The grey markets reduce customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately impact service levels provided by companies such as Xerox Emirates, it said.
In addition to working with law enforcement officials, Xerox also conducts partner training to help the channel improve their knowledge of the grey market and its disadvantages to their customers.
Even though it doesn't release worldwide before June, Apple's latest candy, the iPad has arrived in the grey markets of India.
Apple has not yet officially launched the iPad in Asia, but failed stopped a booming "grey market" trade in the world's most talked-about high-tech gadget.
Distributors see few benefits grey markets. More than three-quarters of the distributors surveyed said they are concerned about selling grey market products because of poor quality and support issues, and 92 per cent feared counterfeit products as a main risk.
Finding figures to illustrate just how widespread the practice is remains difficult, however, because of the very nature of the grey market. No data is ever published, and the tracking of goods is difficult if not impossible, because it all depends on how diversion and grey markets are defined, according to Donald DeKieffer, an attorney with DeKieffer & Horgan, a Washington D.C.-based firm that specializes in international trade regulation law and takes on anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion cases.
Although the IPO valuations of the US tech firm and the UK postal firm are yet to be set, a number of companies are running grey markets on the valuation of the companies.
When hospitals cannot get medications from their usual suppliers, they may turn to the "grey market" to obtain drugs.