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also gray·lag  (grā′lăg′)
A large gray Eurasian goose (Anser anser) having pinkish legs and feet and a pink to orangish bill.

[Possibly grey + lag, lingering behind (obsolete), from its being the last of the geese to leave England on its annual migration.]



greylag goose



(ˈɡreɪˌlæɡ) or

graylag goose

(Animals) a large grey Eurasian goose, Anser anser: the ancestor of many domestic breeds of goose
[C18: from grey + lag1, from its migrating later than other species]
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Noun1.greylag - common grey wild goose of Europegreylag - common grey wild goose of Europe; ancestor of many domestic breeds
goose - web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks
Anser, genus Anser - typical geese


[ˈgreɪˌlæg] n (also greylag goose) → oca cenerina
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Monday's count on the Afon Conwy was a wet and blustery affair, but it was nice to see several Goosanders and a small flock of Greylag Geese.
It won't be long before we see pink footed geese forming big noisy skeins in the sky, greylag geese grazing in the fields, wigeon on the lake edges.
Birds at Derwent include mallard, teal, coot, moorhen, tufted duck, pochard, goosander and greylag geese | 28.
Barnacle geese fly in from similar areas to the Brents and about 1,800 are now present, while around 400 greylag geese are at Budle Bay.
By quantifying and collecting data on hunting activity, weather parameters, agricultural practice, food abundance and occurrence of greylag geese as a measure of competition, we evaluate factors influencing the numbers and distribution of pink-footed geese utilising the stopover site in mid-Norway.
Handling has been shown to cause tachycardia in several bird species, including greylag geese (Anser anser), common eiders (Somateria mollissima), king penguins (Aptenodyles patagonicas), and chickens.
Usually found in the high Arctic of Greenland and Iceland, the falcon, the largest of the species, stayed for an unprecedented four months and began hunting the resident greylag geese.
Pink-footed geese (Anser brachyrhynchus) and greylag geese (A.
Until recently, at Aracinovsko Blato and Katlanovsko Blato during winter there could be seen flocks of over 2,000 mallards (Anas platyrhynchos), 1,500 common cranes (Grus grus), grey herons (Ardea cinerea), purple herons (Ardea purpurea), greylag geese (Anser anser), western marsh harriers (Circus aeruginosus)--birds of prey and the worst enemies to all types of wetland birds, and white storks (Ciconia ciconia).
Islanders have been allowed to shoot greylag geese for the past three years after a booming flock laid waste to farmers' crops.
Photographing these large birds, along with the resident greylag geese and migratory white-fronted and barnacle geese, demands long-focal-length lenses supported by tripods or beanbags to prevent any vibration or movement during exposure.
The reservoir is one of the best birdspotting sites in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is home to wildfowl such as Eurasian wigeon, teal, greylag geese and Canada geese.