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n.1.See Greggoe.
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LaGuardia, Griego, Hopper, Melendez & Oka (1993) describe the technique used by librarians who are learning to teach as "trial by fire" (p.
Alcohol addiction is a nationwide epidemic but there may be hope on the way in the form of a new pill from Adial Pharmaceuticals, CBS BAF's Michelle Griego reports.
Ashley Dean, assistant editor of Denverite, Tina Griego, managing editor of the Colorado Independent, and Colorado Sun Editor Larry Ryckman, are involved in either relatively new media efforts (the Independent was reestablished as a local paper in 2013) or newborn operations (the Sun launched on Sept.
Aplicado al griego del Neuvo Testmanto/> and Jesus Pelaez's 1996 </Metodologia del diccionario greigo-espa[+ or -]ol del Nuevo Testamento/>, with the order of chapters altered to facilitate the flow of reading and present a better understanding of the theory the two books present.
Jill Griego and Paul Jewell have been named Outstanding Young Alumni.