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 (grĭf′ĭth), Arthur 1872-1922.
Irish nationalist leader who was a founder of the Sinn Fein movement for Irish independence (1905). He led the Irish delegation that negotiated the 1921 treaty with England that established the Irish Free State.


1. (Biography) Arthur. 1872–1922, Irish journalist and nationalist: founder of Sinn Féin (1905); president of the Free State assembly (1922)
2. (Biography) D(avid Lewelyn) W(ark). 1875–1948, US film director and producer. He introduced several cinematic techniques, including the flashback and the fade-out, in his masterpiece The Birth of a Nation (1915)


(ˈgrɪf ɪθ)

D(avid Lewelyn) W(ark), 1875–1948, U.S. film director and producer.
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Noun1.Griffith - United States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)
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At this moment Griffith, the itinerant vender of oranges from Hill Morton, enters the close with his heavy baskets.
Griffiths was a tall fellow, with a quantity of curly red hair and blue eyes, a white skin and a very red mouth; he was one of those fortunate people whom everybody liked, for he had high spirits and a constant gaiety.
While multiple reports indicate that Griffith struggled with pugilistic dementia and required full-time care late in life, a Griffith historian told the (http://www.
No charges were laid against other members of the original Griffith management team.
Gregson opened the scoring early in the win with Lloyd Griffith adding the extras, before back-row Lee Bobby Davies added the second for the home side, Griffith again converting.
Leavengood's biography of Clark Griffith attempts a similar study.
To most movie fans, the name Kenneth Griffith will forever be associated with the part of medical orderly Arthur Witty, the brave, gay mercenary in that all-star 1970s blood and guts romp The Wild Geese.
After the great Christmas blizzard, Mark Griffith was, like many Americans, stranded.
Griffith was born on June 17, 1924 in Lynnfield, one of 15 children to William H.
It was a tradition every spring," said Clark Griffith, a great-nephew of Clark C.
MONROE - One month after jumping into the Willamette River to avoid the clutches of Valley River Center security guards, the fate of suspected shoplifter William Christopher Griffith is known: His body was found washed ashore about 20 miles north of Eugene.
Now his great-grandson wants Griffith Park designated the largest historic landmark in the United States.

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