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or Great Grims·by  (grĭmz′bē)
A borough of eastern England near the mouth of the Humber River southeast of Hull. It is a major port historically noted for its fishing industry.


(Placename) a port in E England, in North East Lincolnshire unitary authority, Lincolnshire, formerly important for fishing. Pop: 87 574 (2001)


(ˈgrɪmz bi)

a seaport in Humberside county, in E England at the mouth of the Humber estuary. 93,800.
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The only Grimbarian to have a part in the film is 12-year-old Freddie Crowder, who plays the lager-swigging tattooed delinquent son of Baron Cohen's brother.
But what Grimbarians have never lost is their loyalty to the town.
What has also upset some Grimbarians was the film, which also stars Aussie actress Rebel Wilson, was not shot in Grimsby at all but in the Essex port of Tilbury.