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n.1.(Zool.) A West African antelope (Cephalophus rufilotus) of a deep bay color, with a broad dorsal stripe of black; - called also conquetoon.
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365FarmNet, Aarhus University, AGCO, AgroIntelli, CNH Industrial, GRIMME, Kverneland, and Wageningen University and Research are proud to announce important steps forward towards real interoperability between farm machines, sensors and software.
Once a year, the grimme institute organizes the nationally known grimme award ceremony.
It is based upon our desires, discernments, and meaning of reality (Grimme and Grimme, 2010).
The film also won the prestigious Grimme Award in 2013, thus triggering the controversy about the movie in German newspapers.
Tuesday's DTM XII: One Year of Noise features music from Willowbrook, Mind Arbor, Luthor Maggot, Flood & Field, Grimme, ron slEet and more.
Zdetsis and Stefan Grimme, High Level Ab Initio Calculations of the Optical Gap of Small Silicon Quantum Dots, Phys.
He has been nominated for several awards and won the Adolf Grimme Award in 2012 (an award that might be equated to an Emmy) for his work on Tatort (roughly "Crime Scene"), a police drama that is Germany's longest-running television series.
Grimme, "Towards reagents for bimetallic activation reactions: polyhydride complexes with [Ru.
This will hopefully take a lot of pressure out of the process for researchers in terms of where they submit, because we're accepting everything without putting limitations on subject and domain," says Sara Grimme, Elsevier's publishing and product director for the new journal.
The expo also features a German pavilion with well-known agri suppliers including Claas, Grimme and Pottinger.
Im Auftrag des Deutschen Vereins gegen den Mifibrauch gesitiger Getrdnke (Leipzig, Grimme & Tromel, 1905), p.