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n.1.(Zool.) A West African antelope (Cephalophus rufilotus) of a deep bay color, with a broad dorsal stripe of black; - called also conquetoon.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Issues such as consumer rights in the context of airline pricing (Bischoff, Maertens, and Grimme 2011), passenger rail travel (Hanna and Drea 1998), consumer reactions to stockouts (Peinkofer et al.
Evidence that pyrophosphate does not selectively extract organically bound Fe, but also Fe from poorly crystalline Fe oxides was published in the late 1960s (Bascomb 1968; Grimme and Wiechmann 1969) and repeatedly confirmed (e.g.
Richards, T., Aylward, E., Berninger, V., Field, K., Grimme, A., Richards, A.
Meanwhile, the nominees for the German Film Prize as well as the winners of the prestigious German television Grimme Award are announced on March 20.
(Memmert, Simons, & Grimme, 2009) Athletes become successful in their respective sports with self-controlled learning and conscious trainings.
(31) Christian Grimme et al., "Social Bots: Human-like by Means of Human (Control?," Big Data 5, no.
365FarmNet, Aarhus University, AGCO, AgroIntelli, CNH Industrial, GRIMME, Kverneland, and Wageningen University and Research are proud to announce important steps forward towards real interoperability between farm machines, sensors and software.
Its aim is both pedagogical and poetic, which is already implied by its title, which makes reference to both "Den standhaftige Tinsoldat" (1838) [The Steadfast Tin-soldier] and "Den grimme AElling" (1844) [The Ugly Duckling].
Furthermore, long-range dispersion interactions were incorporated via Grimme's atom-pairwise dispersion correction using the Becke-Johnson damping scheme (D3BJ) [16,17], since the pure exchange-correlation functionals fail to properly account for such interactions.
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