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or Great Grims·by  (grĭmz′bē)
A borough of eastern England near the mouth of the Humber River southeast of Hull. It is a major port historically noted for its fishing industry.


(Placename) a port in E England, in North East Lincolnshire unitary authority, Lincolnshire, formerly important for fishing. Pop: 87 574 (2001)


(ˈgrɪmz bi)

a seaport in Humberside county, in E England at the mouth of the Humber estuary. 93,800.
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Poole two hundred a year to live here with MY WIFE, as you term that fearful hag: Grace will do much for money, and she shall have her son, the keeper at Grimsby Retreat, to bear her company and be at hand to give her aid in the paroxysms, when MY WIFE is prompted by her familiar to burn people in their beds at night, to stab them, to bite their flesh from their bones, and so on--"
I am not different from Willie Grimsby, or any other of the fellows who have been to see him.
And when they were safely come to land, Grim drew up his boat upon the shore, and there he build him a hut, and there he lived, and to this day men call the place Grimsby.
So were they "espoused fair and well" by the Archbishop of York, and Havelok took his bride home to Grimsby.
Grimsby, a friend of his, but a man I very greatly disliked: there was a sinister cast in his countenance, and a mixture of lurking ferocity and fulsome insincerity in his demeanour, that I could not away with.
Clements, and she had determined on removing to one of the most out-of-the-way places in England--to the town of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, where her deceased husband had passed all his early life.
At Grimsby the first serious symptoms of illness had shown themselves in Anne.
They remained at Grimsby, in consequence, during the first half of the new year, and there they might probably have stayed much longer, but for the sudden resolution which Anne took at this time to venture back to Hampshire, for the purpose of obtaining a private interview with Lady Glyde.
The old pain over the heart and the other symptoms of the illness at Grimsby returned, and Anne was confined to her bed in the cottage.
Despite the two-division gap, Grimsby are 6-4 favourites with the Shrews as big as 2-1.
Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell said: "This is turning the poor into objects of entertainment.
Grimsby then scored a goal against the run of play after naive defending allowed space for two of their attackers to skate straight on goal.