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1. (Plants) any coarse plant of the American genus Grindelia, having yellow daisy-like flower heads: family Asteraceae (composites). See also gum plant
2. (Plants) the dried leaves and tops of certain species of these plants, used in tonics and sedatives
[C19: named after David Hieronymus Grindel (1777–1836), Russian botanist]
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Noun1.grindelia - large genus of coarse gummy herbs of western North and Central AmericaGrindelia - large genus of coarse gummy herbs of western North and Central America
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
aster family, Asteraceae, Compositae, family Asteraceae, family Compositae - plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia
gum plant, gumweed, rosinweed, tarweed - any of various western American plants of the genus Grindelia having resinous leaves and stems formerly used medicinally; often poisonous to livestock
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d) Imagens 1 a 3 retiradas da internet dos seguintes enderecos, Imagem 1--Xarope Divino e Imagem 3--Anuncio dos produtos Tayuya, sabao Aristolino e xarope Grindelia --http://lounge.
Cirsium vulgare Eupatorieae morfotipo 1 Eupatorieae morfotipo 2 Eupatorieae morfotipo 3 Grindelia boliviana * Helianthus annuus Heliantheae morfotipo 1 Heliantheae morfotipo 2 Heliantheae morfotipo 3 Hypochaeris sp.
Gray y especies de la familia Acanthaceae y los generos Grindelia, Jatropha, Morus y Salvia y otros 13 estuvieron presentes en trazas, menor al 1%, (Cardiospermum grandiflorum Sw.
The active ingredients are: Grindelia robusta 3X--Purpose: Anti-itch/skin protection, Plantago major 4X--Purpose: Anti-itch/pain-relieving/wound healing, Calendula officinalis 3X--Purpose: Wound healing/scar prevention.
The homeopathic product's towelettes are infused with the following active ingredients: Grindelia robusta 3X for anti-itch and skin protection, Plantago major 4X for anti-itch, pain relief and wound healing, and Calendula officinalis 3X for wound healing and scar prevention.
Presl Onagraceae (1%) Erythronium grandijlorum Pursh Liliaceae * Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal Asteraceae (1%) Isatis tinctoria L.
According to Aurora, the stake was held through the intermediate company, Grindelia Holdings Ltd.
80, correspondientes a cada uno): Achillea (1), Amblyopappus (1), Arctotheca (2), Artemisia (1), Aster (5), Baccharis (2), Borrichia (2), Commidendrum (2), Cotula (1), Coulterella (1), Dicerothamnus (1), Dittrichia (1), Elytropappus (1), Eriocephalus (1), Felicia (1), Flaveria (6), Grindelia (3), Hirpicium (1), Hymenoxys (2), Hypochaeris (1), Inula (2), Iva (6), Jaumea (1), Lasthenia (1), Launaea (1), Leontodon (1), Limbarda (1), Melanthera (2), Minuria (1), Nardophyllum (1), Olearia (1), Osteospermum (5), Otanthus (1), Pectis (1), Pentzia (2), Picrosia (1), Pluchea (7), Pseudoclappia (1), Psila (1), Senecio (3), Solidago (1), Sonchus (1), Symphyotrichum (2) y Tuberostylis (1).
In both rocky areas the vegetation was dominated by herbaceous species (genera Grindelia and Festuca) and the shrub Discaria longispina (Zalba and Villamil, 2002) whose height and density were negatively influenced by the presence of large numbers of feral horses (Scorolli et al.
Segun Munoz (1980, 2004), estos monumentos fueron estructuras artificiales de forma monticular de seccion plano convexa, formados por capas alternadas de sedimentos, cantos rodados y capas de restos vegetales, cuyas especies identificadas corresponden a Pluchea, Grindelia, Trixis, Equisetum (cola de caballo o yerba del platero), Tessaria (sorona o brea), Baccharis (chilcas), Juncos sp.
This region consisted of relatively open ground with small patches of the tall grass Leymus mollis (Dune Grass) along the beach margin alternating with areas of short grass, herbs, and small shrubs such as Ambrosia chamissonis (Silver Burweed) and Grindelia integrifolia (Gumweed) (Cowles and Hayward 2008).
B presenta dos grandes ramificaciones: B1 con la comunidad supratropical de Grindelia bergii (Hieron.