Grinding mill

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A mill for grinding grain.
A lapidary's lathe.

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She has also, as might have been expected, become an extreme advocate of socialism; and indeed, being in a great hurry for the new order of things, looks on me as a lukewarm disciple because I do not propose to interfere with the slowly grinding mill of Evolution, and effect the change by one tremendous stroke from the united and awakened people (for such she--vainly, alas!--believes the proletariat already to be.
After whole mountains have passed through this grinding mill, and have been washed by the hand of nature, the residue becomes metalliferous, and man finds it worth his while to complete the task of separation.
The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in Calabarzon, Officer-in-Charge, Noemi Paranada, had ordered the closure of Mabini Grinding Mill Corporation (Holcim Philippines Inc.) in Barangay Pulong Balibaguhan, saying it failed to abide by its Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).
'The company previously had a capacity of 2 million tons per annum, but since a part of its grinding mill had been idle, it was able to produce only 75% of actual capacity, which had been 1.5 million tons.
The company informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Wednesday that the largest vertical cement grinding mill has started trial operations together with cement silos and packing plant.
The teams also sealed five food points including Rashid Oil warehouse, Al-Haykal Food Court, Adnan Grinding Mill (Chakki), Rahat Bakers and production unit of New Chahat Bakers for not making hygiene measures.
The LM 48.4 Loesche vertical roller grinding mill will grind cement raw material with a capacity of 280 tph at 12 percent R 0.09 mm at the Monay plant.
The S-400 batch attritor grinding mill is a wet grinding attritor built for a customer that produces rubber-based coatings.
is investing in a new grinding mill for its Norzagaray plant, boosting its capacity to supply cement in anticipation of robust demand amid a growing economy.
Specifically, Metso will deliver a primary gyratory crusher for processing of run-of-mine gold ore, together with a semi-autogenous grinding mill and a ball mill for secondary grinding.