Griselinia littoralis

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Noun1.Griselinia littoralis - small New Zealand broadleaf evergreen tree often cultivated in warm regions as an ornamental
genus Griselinia, Griselinia - evergreen shrubs of New Zealand and South America
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Tree species include karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatas), mahoe (Melicytus ramiflorus), broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis), lemonwood (Pittosporum eugeniodes) and coastal tree daisy (Olearia solandri), and shrubs include taupata (Coprosma repens), tauhinu (Ozothamnus leptophyllus) and flax (Phormium tenax).
Griselinia littoralis - New Zealand broadleaf - has beautiful oval leaves in a lime green and is a fast-growing small to medium-sized tree.