Grisly bear

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He lived in the world, as the last of the Grisly Bears lived in settled Missouri.
Summary: A keen snowboarder started her descent seemingly unaware that she was being chased by a grisly bear
They seem to think that unless they can brandish a firearm, they will be vulnerable to assorted dangers, posed by a passing assassin, an intrusive burglar, a marauding grisly bear or the Brits trying to regain their colony.
I spotted one close by but nobody else had so I started singing, 'There's a big angry bear behind you', but it's pretty frightening to be running away from a grisly bear through glacial water!" Amanda, who lives in Cardiff, has also seen a 14ft long crocodile up close in Darwin, Australia, as well as wing-walking on a plane.
"It was also extremely cold in Canada when we went on the trail of grisly bears. We got really close to them and were even chased by them a couple of times.
And, if you're going to be a bear, be a grisly bear. There's no point just pressing your face against the glass like you're trying to catch the football results, you've got to get in there.
A grisly Bear can be very dangerous when it's cornered.
The first published account of twin ritual for this region appears in The Thompson Indians in a chapter entitled, "Birth, Childhood, Puberty, Marriage." Under the heading "Twins," it provides a full-page discussion of this subject, highlighting the connection between the "grisly bear" and expectant mothers (Teit, Thompson Indians 310-11).
Twins, notes The Thompson Indians, "were supposed to be under the special protection of the grisly bear, and were endowed by him with special powers ...
The memory came flooding back against Nicholson, who went on to win the bout, only to lose to Matt 'The Grisly Bear' Skelton, a 19 stone giant who won the tournament outright with his ability to incapacitate opponents with thundering knees to the thigh before the coup de grace of a vicious right upper cut.
Matt Skelton, the grisly bear from Bedford, last night booked his flight to Tokyo where he will get the chance to become the first UK kick-boxing millionaire.
Pete with Dickinson Grisly bears were mentioned as were angry moose.