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a. A blast of air or steam carrying sand at high velocity to etch glass or to clean stone or metal surfaces.
b. A machine used to apply such a blast.
2. A strong wind carrying sand along.
tr.v. sand·blast·ed, sand·blast·ing, sand·blasts
To apply a sandblast to (a building, for example).

sand′blast′er n.


(Mechanical Engineering) the act or process of using a sandblast to clean, grind, or decorate a surface
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The panel looked at the proposed programme which includes: | Full grit blasting and repainting of the bridge steelwork | Steelwork and cast iron repairs/replacement as required | Lighting repairs/replacement as required | Concrete and drainage repairs within the towers | Resurfacing | Road drainage and joint repairs/replacement | Security improvements | Door and window repair/replacement.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication ,Supply, Grit Blasting ,Painting Of Lifting Beam For Stop Log & Coarse Screen As Per Drawing No : Kapp-3&4/71125/6003/Ga Sheet 8Of 9 & Qap
Grit blasting and anodizing increased the roughness, on the other hand, acid etch and plasma decreased the surface roughness.
MX1 can be applied at a nominal 6 mm (240 mil) and up, with film thickness after grit blasting to a minimum of Sa 2.
Typical applications cover aerospace, power generation, medical and precision metal fabrication where components such as turbine blades and orthopaedic joints can be precisely protected from treatments including grit blasting, acid stripping, plating, anodising, shot peening and plasma spraying.
The range of services available at the new Vapormatt site in Gloucester includes wet blasting, grit blasting, plastic media blasting, shot blasting and bead blasting--all of which have been proven to deliver excellent results in a range of manufacturing processes.
It provides insulation, refractory linings, painting, grit blasting and scaffolding services to the local power sector.
It eliminates the airborne particulates generated by grit blasting creating a cleaner and efficient workplace," the statement added.
Prior to spraying the distillation columns, for one of its petrochemical clients, the surface was prepared by grit blasting with steel grit to SA 2.
Grit blasting technique is used by bombarding surface with hard particles at high velocity.
One of the metal treatments, grit blasting, with or without the use of primer, stands out in providing higher original bond strength than all other metal treatments.
Available bonded to stainless steel or nitinol wire, they are manufactured using a proprietary grit blasting process to enhance their bonding surface and prevent flaking.