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a. A blast of air or steam carrying sand at high velocity to etch glass or to clean stone or metal surfaces.
b. A machine used to apply such a blast.
2. A strong wind carrying sand along.
tr.v. sand·blast·ed, sand·blast·ing, sand·blasts
To apply a sandblast to (a building, for example).

sand′blast′er n.
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(Mechanical Engineering) the act or process of using a sandblast to clean, grind, or decorate a surface
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Along with the surface preparation of tooling, typically these highly compact automated blast systems are often specified, by customers, for grit blasting turbine blades and medical implants.
Since grit blasting is a mechanical abrasion method, the treatment may not be uniform on the surface in the micro-scale.
These resins cure in seconds under UV light and provide superior protection during machining, laser drilling, grit blasting, shot peening, acid stripping, plating, and thermal spray coating.
It provides insulation, refractory linings, painting, grit blasting and scaffolding services to the local power sector.Country: Hong KongSector: Business and Consumer Services, Construction/Real EstateTarget: Hong Kong Fuji Technology Co LtdBuyer: Cape plc Deal size in USD: 7.5m
It eliminates the airborne particulates generated by grit blasting creating a cleaner and efficient workplace," the statement added.
One of the metal treatments, grit blasting, with or without the use of primer, stands out in providing higher original bond strength than all other metal treatments.
Available bonded to stainless steel or nitinol wire, they are manufactured using a proprietary grit blasting process to enhance their bonding surface and prevent flaking.
Dymax SpeedMask UV provides surface protection from contamination caused by acids, alkalines, plating solutions and ambient debris from air plasma spray, HVOF, grinding, peening and grit blasting used during surface treatment processing.
The system can protect surfaces from contamination caused by acids, plating solutions, and ambient debris from air plasma spray, HVOF, grinding, peening, and grit blasting used during surface treatment.
To obtain good adhesion, the substrate must be pre-treated by grit blasting, grinding, milling, turning, or a combination of these techniques.