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Horwendillus in later versions of the story (Hamlet, for example (8)) becomes the herald of his own death; and Aurvandill's toe is set upon the sky as a sign against his return to Groa.
Groa (2003) ressalta, no entanto, que cada rede precisa avaliar se essa estrategia e suficiente para atingir o crescimento desejado.
This reporting through others' observations interacts with a far more dramatic voice which depicts the deaths of Groa, Gizurr's wife, and their sons, and the remarkable escape that Gizurr makes.
C'est ce qu'essaie de faire le logiciel Readers concu par Groa & Wolff (2001).
Svipdagr seeks the help of his mother, Groa, at her grave mound, and she bestows upon him a number of charms to aid him in this journey, including one to calm magical storms at sea.