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imp.1.obs. imp. of Grind.
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Daarteenoor begin Anker se drama wanneer Grete vir Gregor en Josefine op grond van hul ouderdom en Gregor se optrede in haar huis opneem.
Young figs sprout in the tree's branches and send the roots down to the grond.
Dans Delay, Mary Sherman et Florian Grond exploitent une audification tactile oo la peinture constitue la source topographique.
Dr Martin Grond, a neurologist at Siegen hospital near Bonn, said: "There is no word about his brain functions.
Penrose, Hameroff and Bandyopadhyay will explore their theories during a session on "Microtubules and the Big Consciousness Debate" at the Brainstorm Sessions, a public three-day event at the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, January 16-18, 2014.
Nou le hulle langs mekaar in die grond wat hulle so lief gehad het, op 'n plek wat hulle elke dag van die voorstoep af kon sien.
Very soon afterwards it was picked up by the X-ray detector on NASA's Swift satellite and with the GROND system at the MPG/ESO 2.
Een specifieke opleiding van predikanten voor Indie kwam niet goed van de grond.
David Carr CONTENDERS Enda Bolger, trainer of Garde Champetre, L'Ami, King Johns Castle and Freneys Well "Garde Champetre has been dropped 4lb in the weights and I think he's every bit as good as he was last year and will appreciate goodish grond.
Die hooftema van hierdie gedig is die herverdeling van grond en een mens se verlies word met 'n ander se wins gekontrasteer.
JOHN McMAHON was happy to return to his old Tranmere stamping grond this week.