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Precipitation consisting of snow pellets.

[German Graupel, diminutive of Graupe, hulled grain, probably of Slavic origin; akin to Russian krupa, groats.]
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(Physical Geography) soft hail or snow pellets
[German, from Graupe, probably from Serbo-Croat krupa; related to Russian krupá peeled grain]
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Jack Groppel opened the doors to the first facility in the 1990s.
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Typically, advanced players hit forehand strokes with steeper racquet trajectories at impact than do novice and intermediate players, because a flatter trajectory decreases ball TAV and margin for error (Blackwell and Knudson, 2005; Groppel et al., 1983; Knudson and Blackwell, 2005).
LTC Kevin Groppel currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff for 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, TX.
"You have to change the way you look at stress," said Jack Groppel, co-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, which recently began offering a course on resilience.
Highly diverse prospects converge on this epistemic horizon, like those of the new cultural sociology, interested in the function of cultural expressions in terms of resources or affordances for the action (DeNora, 2000; Santoro and Sassatelli, 2009), and of the experiential marketing oriented by cognitive and behaviorist studies, focused on pointing out their capacity to rhetorically direct perceptions, evaluations, and behaviors (Bucchetti, 2004; Donovan and Rossiter, 1982; Groppel, 1993; Lindstrom, 2005; Schmitt, 1999).
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One conceptual framework linked a person's values to developing new, healthier habits from a highly personal perspective (Groppel, 2000).
Com base na evidencia cientifica disponivel, e dificil encontrar uma atividade que oferece a maior gama de beneficios de saude globais como o tenis (Groppel e DiNubile, 2009).
Devido ao carater unico do jogo, muitas habilidades motoras finas e grossas sao requeridas, assim como varias areas da fisiologia, como capacidade aerobia e potencia, tempo de reacao e velocidade, agilidade, balanco dinamico, coordenacao e flexibilidade (Groppel e Roetert, 1992).