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(ˈɡrəʊʃən; German ˈɡrɔʃən)
n, pl -schen
1. (Currencies) a former Austrian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a schilling
2. (Currencies) a former German coin worth ten pfennigs
3. (Historical Terms) a former German silver coin
[C17: from German: Bohemian dialect alteration of Middle High German grosse, from Medieval Latin (denarius) grossus thick (penny); see gross, groat]
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(ˈgroʊ ʃən)

n., pl. -schen.
a unit of currency in Austria, equal to 1/100 of the schilling.
[1610–20; < German; Middle High German grosse, grosze < Late Latin (denārius) grossus thick (coin); akin to groat]
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Noun1.groschen - 100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria
Austrian monetary unit - monetary unit in Austria
Austrian schilling, schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in Austria
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