Gross average

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(Law) that kind of average which falls upon the gross or entire amount of ship, cargo, and freight; - commonly called general average.

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Gross average professional receipts of last 3 years should not be less than Rs.
The company expects CD5 to meet its production target of sixteen thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day gross average for the year.
The GMB said the fall in gross average earnings was greatest in the Black Country town of Walsall, at 23.
The survey showed HRI's gross average pay of €42,951 put it towards the bottom of the pile, with only Bord Na Mona and An Post having a lower average.
Gross average advances increased 11% year on year to N$13.
Private school fees are deemed to be affordable for an occupation if they represent 25% or less of gross average annual earnings for someone in that occupation.
It said full-time workers living in Wales had the lowest gross average earnings of the 12 nations and regions of the UK at pounds 27,187, according to Office of National Statistics data.
She also received a special commemorative trophy honouring her 10 consecutive victories at a remarkable gross average of 72.
Gross average daily production for the March quarter was 2,379 mcfgpd and 780 bopd (Texon's share(1): 1,221 mcfgpd and 497 bopd (700 boepd)) from 21 producing wells.
That methodology formerly was referred to as the gross average audience (GAA) rating, and it's always been the number that syndicated advertising salespeople used to sell their shows.
Properties in the Highland capital cost an average pounds 165,363, nearly six times gross average annual earnings for the area.
The Halifax Savings Report found that women typically have pounds 7,981 put aside, or 40 per cent of their gross average earnings, compared with a figure of pounds 7,657 for men, accounting for 23 per cent of their typical salary.