Gross receipts

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the total of the receipts, before they are diminished by any deduction, as for expenses; - distinguished from net profits.
- Bouvier.
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He'll charge you enough--fifteen per cent of the gross receipts, but then he'll see to it that the people who want good stuff will be there.
It was he who set the agents free from the ball-and- chain of royalties, allowing them to pay instead a percentage of gross receipts.
The ballpark fee is initially set to yield $14 million each fiscal year through the levy of between $5,500 and $16,500 per gross receipts taxpayer depending on the business's annual gross receipts.
Divide that total by total gross receipts for those same years.
UNIVERSAL CITY - Los Angeles business leaders voiced their concerns Wednesday over the city's gross receipts tax, calling for a new round of tax reforms that would make the region friendlier to businesses.
Often, the central issue in these disputes is the computation of the sales, or gross receipts, factor.
For the preceding five tax years (or the corporation's life, if less than five years) more than 50% of the aggregate gross receipts must be from noninvestment income (that is, not royalties, rents, dividends, interest, annuities and sales or exchanges of securities).
The Agreement also provided that the number of shares to be issued, in each case, would be based on the actual average annual gross receipts for the three month period following the portfolio purchase.
Next, the taxpayer computes cumulative gross receipts from the contract by multiplying the completion factor by the total contract price.
Dong Chol Kim, 59, admitted Monday that he and his wife, Myung Sook Kim, 45, understated gross receipts and business income when filing federal tax returns in 1992 and 1993.
On January 12, 1995, Tax Executives Institute filed the following comments with the finance committees of both houses of the Virginia legislature, supporting the proposed repeal of Virginia's business, professional, and occupational license tax, which is a form of gross receipts tax imposed at the local level.
263A-1T(d)(2)(i) defines small retailers and wholesalers as those having average annual gross receipts of $10 million or less over the past three years.