Gross receipts

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the total of the receipts, before they are diminished by any deduction, as for expenses; - distinguished from net profits.
- Bouvier.
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He'll charge you enough--fifteen per cent of the gross receipts, but then he'll see to it that the people who want good stuff will be there.
It was he who set the agents free from the ball-and- chain of royalties, allowing them to pay instead a percentage of gross receipts.
February Gross Receipts to the Treasury increased 15.
586-million discrepancy between their declared gross receipts and the actual proceeds from their transactions.
To satisfy the gross-receipts test for a particular tax year, the taxpayer's average annual gross receipts for the three-year period ending with the tested tax year must not exceed $5 million (Sees.
Wielenga urged the IRS to withdraw proposed regulations creating an "exception" to the single taxpayer rule under section 41 (f)(1) excluding gross receipts received from a controlled foreign corporation for purposes of calculating the traditional incremental research credit.
As for spending by both visitors and residents, gross receipts taxes came to US$150.
Wingnut was to be paid a fixed compensation and receive a share of the first-dollar-gross receipts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in addition to other contingent compensation for revenues derived from other media, such as DVD sales and merchandise gross receipts received from promotional partners.
The amount above forecast is due primarily to above average growth in gross receipts collections combined with a nonrecurring item in corporate income tax collections, the department said.
The IRS believes that taxpayers might otherwise receive benefits for gross receipts that do not qualify.
The gross receipts tax that Lane County commissioners are studying for public safety is loosely based on one in Washington state.