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 (grŏs′yə-lə-rīt′) also gros·su·lar (-lər)
A pale green, pink, brown, or black garnet, Ca3Al2(SiO4)3, occurring alone or as a constituent of the common garnet.

[German Grossularit, from New Latin Grossulāria, former genus of gooseberry (from the color of some garnets), from French groseille, gooseberry, from Old French grosele, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch kroesel, from kroes, curled (probably in reference to the short curled hairs on the fruit of some gooseberry varieties).]
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(1997) A note on a new occurrence of vanadian grossular garnet from Madagascar.
Demantoid garnet is a rare and beautiful bright grass green sub-variety of andradite garnet.Tsavolite, is a bright green variety of grossular garnet, its colour being induced by the presence of chromium.
Among the best known is the vanadium-rich grossular garnet known by the varietal name of tsavorite.
Only rarely at Asbestos do diopside crystals reach significant dimensions when associated with grossular garnet crystals.
Bridges is credited with the discovery of the green grossular garnet tsavorite and he brought the first tanzanites to this country as a representative of Tiffany's, the company that identified and named this exciting gem.
For several decades fine vesuvianite and grossular garnet specimens have come from the region around Lake Jaco, Mexico.
As at Springfield, Chris also had some nice specimens of the bright pink grossular garnet crystals in mica-flecked quartz matrix which have suddenly gotten radically better than previously; many other dealers around the show had these too.
The best grossular garnets from the Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec.