Ground hold

(Naut.) ground tackle.

See also: ground

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Approximately what capacity will the ground hold once the redevelopment is complete?
BALANCING Z ACT 3300ft above ground HOLD ON A MINUTE J Daredevil hangs on the rope by her ankles
The airline also is working to reschedule passengers who missed their connecting flights due to the ground hold.
The trip, track and ground hold no fears and he is the solid option in a race lacking any potential stars.
That sets the standard and faster ground holds no fears.
Her record suggests she is not the most consistent, but the first-time blinkers that were applied in the spring stay on and testing ground holds no fears, as she appears to stay all day.
The ground holds a 17-story, 563,000 s/f Class A office and retail tower that is 70 percent occupied by Polo Ralph Lauren.
Bruce Raymond, racing manager to Rabbah Bloodstock, who manage Universal, believes the ground holds the key to their horse's chance and is hoping it does not rain.
We won down in Canterbury last year and the ground holds some great memories for the club so hopefully we can keep that up.
Weekend Wager With Chris Poole Soft ground holds no fears and he must go close but preference is for The Tracey Shuffle (2.
But Brain said: ``The ground holds 16,000 so it's a great opportunity for our players to play at one ofthe best grounds in the country.