Ground line

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(Descriptive Geom.) the line of intersection of the horizontal and vertical planes of projection.

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WASHINGTON -- Following the closure of a crucial ground line of communication by Pakistan in retaliation to the death of its 24 soldiers in a NATO cross border fire, the use of Northern Distribution Network is costing US an additional $38 million per month, a US Senator has said.
"Pakistanis have to wake up to the fact that whatever advantages they have as the ground line of communication (GLOCs) provider, that advantage is not going to last forever.
Three steeply sloping treatment holes were drilled into each pole beginning at ground line and moving around the pole 120[degrees] and upward 300 mm.
At present, the Metro is operating lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and the above ground Line 5, which goes to Karaj.
But Stevie did one at Love; he just popped one up in a flat ground line, like, two-and-a-half feet in the air and just yanked it right back.
The strain rate effect on the maximum tension force and vertical displacement of the conductor and ground line are also investigated.
"We have voluntarily halted US shipments of retrograde cargo through the Pakistan Ground Line of Communication (GLOCC) from Torkham Gate through Karachi to ensure the safety of the drivers contracted to move our equipment," the Pentagon spokesperson, Mark Wright said.
Having low sun creates a shadow on the take-off side that can create a false ground line for horses who could therefore take off too early, or they can't see the hurdle very well.