Ground mass

(Geol.) the fine-grained or glassy base of a rock, in which distinct crystals of its constituents are embedded.

See also: ground

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The ground mass of Utla granite mostly fine grained containing recrystallized quartz.
The ground mass organizes itself into clusters that interact and rearrange during the ground sliding.
The phenomenon's value, meaning the geometric sizes of the ground mass that is shifting, as well as its speed.
"There's a real sense of excitement and pride here as the ground mass gets under way.
JEC presented its ground mass transportation award to what's said to be the first exterior car part made with natural fiber--a PP spare-wheel cover for the A Class Mercedes-Benz coupe.
Cool storage for the wine is created by effective exploitation of thermal ground mass, and underground water is used to aid night-time heat exchange.
In successive grindings in water, called brassage in French (whence originates the name brasserie, applied to breweries or the places where beer is sold), the short-chain sugars then become detached from the ground mass and become incorporated into the mash.
Dr Monica Grady, a researcher into meteorites at the Natural History Museum, said: "We thought the fossils were pockets of alteration where the ground mass had been altered by fluids.
Abundant Lithocodium fossils developed in the ground mass of micrite and microspar in Gushan Formation of Cambrian Series 3, which constitute the major composition of the bioherms.

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