Ground plane

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the horizontal plane of projection in perspective drawing.

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Consider a transmission line consisting of a conducting trace over a conducting ground plane. The trace is separated by a layer of dielectric.
The Performance Envelope is defined by the locus of points for which the Vehicle Traction equals the Available Vehicle Traction (both acting in the Road Plane), or equivalently the locus of points for which the Required Acceleration equals the Available Acceleration (both acting in the Ground Plane).
Most antennas have two halves that meet at a feedpoint; a dipole has two radiating elements that meet at the feedpoint, while a monopole antenna replaces the second one with the ground plane.
In the first one, the antenna elements were placed side by side with a separated ground plane. In the second configuration, the antenna elements were orthogonally placed and had a separated ground plane as well.
Similar to the Meridian system, the wing of the P-3 acts as a ground plane for the dipole antennas to improve the array gain and directivity.
The British design firm said its debut Lebanese project is made up of three limestone-clad towers that provide an animated ground plane of shops, cafes, restaurants, a fitness centre, an art gallery and public gardens.
The backside of the bottom layer is used as the place for the ground plane, and on that ground plane it is functioned as a place of the CRS.
According to the component test method specified in CISPR 25, DUT, device under test, should be placed on a ground plane, copper plate that is grounded to the floor on a table, as shown in Figure 10.
When normal ground plane is used the array antenna exhibits the return loss as follows Return loss curve The return loss curve shown in the following figure [2]
For example, in [10], the multiband operation is achieved by comprising three top patches, by using S-shaped patch [11], by employing fractal method [12-14], and by introducing the slots on the ground plane [15-17].
The sleeves that are added to the ground plane of the monopole antenna act as a parasitic element to generate additional resonant mode [6].