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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: action - action taken by a group of people
event - something that happens at a given place and time
human action, human activity, act, deed - something that people do or cause to happen
vote - the opinion of a group as determined by voting; "they put the question to a vote"
procession - the group action of a collection of people or animals or vehicles moving ahead in more or less regular formation; "processions were forbidden"
military action, action - a military engagement; "he saw action in Korea"
conflict, struggle, battle - an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals); "the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph"--Thomas Paine; "police tried to control the battle between the pro- and anti-abortion mobs"
revolution - the overthrow of a government by those who are governed
social activity - activity considered appropriate on social occasions
communalism - the practice of communal living and common ownership
confederation, alliance - the act of forming an alliance or confederation
decolonisation, decolonization - the action of changing from colonial to independent status
disbandment - the act of disbanding; "the orchestra faced the prospect of disbandment"
disestablishment - the act terminating an established state of affairs; especially ending a connection with the Church of England
transaction, dealing, dealings - the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities); "no transactions are possible without him"; "he has always been honest is his dealings with me"
stampede - a headlong rush of people on a common impulse; "when he shouted `fire' there was a stampede to the exits"
social control - control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
coup, coup d'etat, putsch, takeover - a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force
internationalisation, internationalization - the act of bringing something under international control
nationalisation, nationalization - the action of forming or becoming a nation
exchange, interchange - the act of changing one thing for another thing; "Adam was promised immortality in exchange for his disobedience"; "there was an interchange of prisoners"
rally, exchange - (sports) an unbroken sequence of several successive strokes; "after a short rally Connors won the point"
submission, compliance - the act of submitting; usually surrendering power to another
rivalry, competition, contention - the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
resistance - group action in opposition to those in power
nonresistance - group refusal to resort to violence even in defense against violence
due process, due process of law - (law) the administration of justice according to established rules and principles; based on the principle that a person cannot be deprived of life or liberty or property without appropriate legal procedures and safeguards
action - an act by a government body or supranational organization; "recent federal action undermined the segregationist position"; "the United Nations must have the power to propose and organize action without being hobbled by irrelevant issues"; "the Union action of emancipating Southern slaves"
legalisation, legalization, legitimation - the act of making lawful
separation - the social act of separating or parting company; "the separation of church and state"
desegregation, integrating, integration - the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
brainstorming - a group problem-solving technique in which members spontaneously share ideas and solutions; "we had an intense brainstorming session today"
gathering, assemblage, assembly - the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly"
attendance, attending - the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
nonattendance - the failure to attend
getting even, paying back, return - a reciprocal group action; "in return we gave them as good as we got"
democratisation, democratization - the action of making something democratic
involvement, participation, involution, engagement - the act of sharing in the activities of a group; "the teacher tried to increase his students' engagement in class activities"
non-engagement, non-involvement, nonparticipation - withdrawing from the activities of a group
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The second edition adds three chapters on group actions and module theory.
Lawyers for the patients say it is one of the largest "product liability" group actions in the UK.
Research articles develop an algorithm for computing rational equivariant K-homology groups, examine crossed products for twisted group actions, and classify the Morita equivalence of star products.
Meanwhile, it can build on the broad principles identified by IMCO, notably: encouraging speedy settlement of disputes and considering court action as a "last resort"; giving no economic incentives to bring abusive group actions and avoiding claims with disproportionate costs for businesses; and ensuring that the EU collective redress system provides legally certain, fair and adequate outcomes within a reasonable timeframe while respecting the rights of all parties.
Let M, N be A-G modules, and consider the natural group actions of G on the A-modules [Hom.
They are primarily concerned with interactions between group actions and problems in complex analysis.
Telophaza thrillingly exemplified Batsheva's large-scale works--precise, rhythmic group actions alternating with intimate scenes; varied, entertaining music; juicy passages of Naharin's distinctive idiom; and of course his fantastic dancers.
Ball argues that while it isn't possible to predict how individuals behave, it is possible to predict group actions, Finally, he explores how this scientific understanding of society might be used by authorities to limit individuals' free will.
The delay could see some former Seroxat users' cases prejudiced because of the time limit set for such group actions.
A business, at its most fundamental, is an organized series of individual and group actions that tries to create a distinctive value for a specific customer segment at less than the cost to manufacture, deliver and communicate this value.
Storage-specific features, such as the ability to filter and group actions based on iSCSI or iFCP traffic, packet type or size, jumbo packets, or user-defined criteria are supported.
It is capable of coordinated group actions and supports a wide range of air-to-ground weaponry including TV-guided missiles, rockets, and bombs.

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