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growth′ fund`

a mutual fund that invests primarily in growth stocks.
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In the first two months of 2006, money flowed into growth funds and away from value funds, according to the February 2006 issue of "Windows Into The Mutual Fund Industry, " a newsletter of Strategic Insight, New York.
While most not-for-profit companies hire fund managers to manage their smart growth funds, CPC has acquired the multidisciplinary skills necessary to do virtually an entire project, including the design architecture, in-house,
In Roxanne's 401(k), for example, large-capitalization growth funds such as Janus Mercury--a '90s dynamo--isn't receiving a new influx of money these days.
For example, both the Janus 20 Fund and the Dreyfus Appreciation Fund are large cap growth funds. But beyond this surface similarity, the two funds are very different.
But when it comes to growth funds (those funds that take on higher risk in an attempt to generate above-average returns) as a group, SRI returns have seriously lagged.
By year-end, according to Morningstar Inc., the Chicago-based mutual fund research company, large-cap growth funds were down roughly 14.09% and specialized technology sector funds produced a 33.13% decline for the year.
Typically, growth funds, tend to be a bit more volatile than the overall market, but they also carry the potential for greater gains.
Characteristically, small-company growth funds are volatile and speculative, risking above average losses in order to achieve the highest possible capital gains.
Directing more money into growth funds with less-than-average turnover versus value funds with a high-income payout can help minimize taxes.
* The Regions Morgan Keegan Select Value Fund and the Regions Morgan Keegan Select Mid Cap Growth Fund were featured as leading performers in their respective investment categories for the most recent rankings of mutual funds published in The Wall Street Journal's Quarterly Mutual Fund Review.
If you want to be a politically correct investor, consider the Dreyfus Socially Responsible Growth Fund. You'll be supporting companies that are deemed socially responsible but without scrimping on your investment returns.

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