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growth′ fund`

a mutual fund that invests primarily in growth stocks.
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For each year since their inception(b), the Premier Equity, Premier Small Company and Premier Aggressive Growth Funds have consistently outperformed their respective benchmarks.
Touchstone Growth/Value Fund has, as most growth funds do, a sizable representation in technology, currently about 40 percent of assets," said Trantum.
For its Tax-Managed Growth and its Tax-Managed Emerging Growth Funds, Eaton Vance utilizes the master-feeder fund structure.
While a majority of the most popular multi-cap growth funds are skewed towards larger companies, we plan to stay true to our name by owning a more balanced mix," said lead portfolio manager Anurag Pandit, who is also on the management team of the $1.
The fund was ranked number one in its Lipper peer group of growth funds with assets of $500-750 million for the one year calendar year ending Dec.
0% for the 441 Small Cap Growth Funds in a Wall Street Journal Online survey based on data from Lipper Inc.
5% of small cap growth funds have a weighted average market cap greater than the Russell 2000 Index," said Patrick Bannigan, senior vice president and managing director at Touchstone.
Lipper ranks Janus Fund 639 out of 805, 246 out of 500, 90 out of 303 and 23 out of 85, for the 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-year periods, respectively, in the LargeCap Growth Funds category.
Berger LLC, investment manager for Berger Funds, today announced plans for a realignment of the firm's growth funds subject to final approval by the Funds' trustees and shareholders.
While many large cap growth funds have drifted toward mid cap attempting to enhance performance, the Preferred Large Cap Growth Fund has been a solid performer while remaining squarely in the large cap arena.
The Citizens Small Cap Core Growth Fund is tracked in Morningstar's category of Small Growth funds.
The permanent and growth funds are exclusively operated and have very different goals, priorities, and management policies.

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