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Noun1.growth stock - stock of a corporation that has had faster than average gains in earnings and is expected to continue to
stock - the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"
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Summary: Data from Russell Indexes shows that growth stocks in Asia continue to outperform value stocks.
By contrast, under Stansky, the gauge of Magellan's performance should be clearer, analysts said: When growth stocks are in favor, Magellan should excel; when growth stocks are out of favor, the fund should lag.
More recent studies show the value approach has outperformed both the Standard & Poor's 500 and growth stocks over the past quarter century while at the same time incurring lower risk.
Snapple Beverage (NASDAQ symbol: SNPL) and Home Depot (NYSE symbol: HD) are growth stocks that are currently popular.
Nevertheless, most managers remain convinced that it is only a matter of time before large-cap growth stocks take off.
stock market in terms of their ongoing bullishness for large-cap growth stocks, according to the results from the latest Investment Manager Outlook, a quarterly poll of investment managers conducted by Russell Investment Group.
At this presentation, attendees will learn first-hand from Lutts how to identify great growth stocks when they are in the middle of their uptrends as well as how to let their profits run and when to sell.
Pink Sheets: SBBD) today announced that it has retained the services of Emerging Growth Stocks LLC, ("EGS") to coordinate investor and public relations communications with current and future shareholders and the investing public.
Managers know that the economy has been resilient through some challenging times, they believe that the long-awaited swing from value to growth stocks has begun and still has some ways to go, and they expect the Fed to stop raising rates before short-term rates inflict any significant damage to economic growth.
com/reports/c21777) has announced the addition of Growth Report: Discover Undervalued Growth Stocks to their offering.
Value stocks dramatically outperformed growth stocks from March 2000 to early 2001 and have continued to outperform -- albeit not as sharply -- ever since.