a.1.Having capacity of growth.
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Some resilience scholars have noted that an important attribute of resilience or growth "is its interpersonal dimension, and as psychologists we should endeavor also to find ways to facilitate growthful interactions in the wider communities we inhabit.
Naturally there will be diversity of opinion, but in the spirit of "all my relations" we can enter into growthful discussion and debate.
emphasizes the developmental coherence of the Exercises from the "First Week" through the "Fourth Week" and the final Contemplation to Attain Love, arguing compellingly that the Exercises follow a trajectory that the skilled director will modulate to the exercitant's biography to bring him or her to a growthful outcome.
Yet to do all of this well, there was a need to adopt an enriching metaphor that would capture the spirit of author-development as a positive and growthful phenomenon.
Although it may be unfamiliar to think of anything with the word "research" in its title as a healing or growthful experience, conceptually, the potential benefits of such group interventions seem clear.
For now let us never forget what an enriching, growthful experience it has been to assist the U.
I hope your time here is both challenging and growthful, and that you take full advantage of all the opportunities that are available to you.
180) is interesting given charges (May, 1982; Rogers, 1960; Rogers & Buber, 1989) that Rogers's trust in clients' growthful tendencies biased his responses in a positively valenced direction.
The dog's activity indicates competency in promoting student engagement (TPE 5), use of instructional time (TPE 10), and creating a growthful social environment (TPE 11).
Some may stop themselves with the fear that a growthful choice will later be regretted.
30) Or are similar acts of sadomasochism, instead, as Leo Bersani reports, "passionate, erotic, growthful, consensual, sometimes fearful, exorcism, reclamation, joyful, intense, boundary-breaking, trust building, loving, unbelievably great sex, often funny, creative, spiritual, integrating, a development of inner power as strength.
Even people who have left under clouded circumstances often report their experience of religious life as incredibly growthful.