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or Groz·nyy  (grôz′nē)
The capital of Chechnya in southwest Russia. In the center of a rich oil-producing area, it was a major objective of German forces during World War II. Much of the city was destroyed in battles (1994-1995 and 1999-2000) between Russian troops and Chechen secessionists.


(Russian ˈɡrɔznij)
(Placename) a city in S Russia, capital of the Chechen Republic: a major oil centre: it was badly damaged during fighting between separatists and Russian troops (1994–95, 1999–2000). Pop: 199 000 (2005 est)


(ˈgrɔz ni)

the capital of Chechnya. 401,000.
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Noun1.Grozny - the capital of Chechnya in southwestern Russia; center of extensive oil fields
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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