White grub

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(Zool.) the larva of the June bug and other allied species. These grubs eat the roots of grasses and other plants, and often do much damage.

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References in classic literature ?
Only a few berries and an occasional grub worm rewarded his search, and he was half famished when, looking up from a log he had been rooting beneath, he saw Sabor, the lioness, standing in the center of the trail not twenty paces from him.
a grub worm when the black constellations make you swim backwards in
I took great delight today, after digging up a meager potato crop, to carefully gather up each, cream colored grub worm that I encountered.
Oswalt commented on the article, calling the writer a "bitter grub worm.
com/MeredthSalenger/status/883754687224176640) Facebook post , Oswalt called those who are criticizing their decision "bitter grub worms.
Our tomatillos had beetles, and our potatoes and crosnes had grub worms, yet the tobacco leaves were left intact.