adv.1.Forwards; with one's face to the ground.
They fellen gruf, and cryéd piteously.
- Chaucer.
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Joseph, exhausted, falls into a deep slumber, only to be awakened in the wee hours by the sound of a crying child and the midwife's gruf laughter.
IESTYN THOMAS (2), Gethin Sion, Steven Peters, Gruf Fon, Mathew Lloyd and Arthur Lennon all went over for tries in NANT CONWY U14S' 39-7 win at home to RHYL, with Sion and Emyr Court kicking a conversion each.
Gruf falo creator Jul ia Donaldson warned that the threatened cuts would hit vulnerable people the most.
And gruf he [the abbot] fil al plat upon the grounde, And stille he lay as he had ben ybounde.
This spring saw the release of a full-length cd by Gruf the Druid, known to some as a member of Winnipeg's underground hip-hop group Frek-Sho, but better to the town's political crowd as one of the Fermented Reptile collective.
And whan this abbot hadde this wonder seyn, His salte teeris trikled doun as reyn, And gruf he fil al plat upon the grounde, And stille he lay as he had ben ybounde.
Guarded by just a single minder a few years ago, an armed force of more than 150, from gruf constantly swarming bodyguards to specialists who check his food and drink for poison, has now been enlisted to keep him alive.
Starring Ioan Gruf fudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Jessica Alba.
Urdd accounted for Radyr, Tom Lewis, Gruf Cartwright, Jo Conway, Geraint Llewellyn and Dafydd Herbert scoring in the 7-0 win.
The title track of the former, written for his friend Nick Drake, was typical of the new direction Martyn was moving in, dark, brooding, full of space and air emphasised by Martyn's gruf weary vocal and innovative guitar technique, playing his battered old acoustic through an echoplex unit.
The mayor, Coun Elfed Gruf fydd, said he had already written a strong letter to the head of the department concerned calling for restoration of the opening hours.