n.1.(Zool.) A groundling (fish).
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The changes in the bird community along the savanna restoration gradient are consistent with other studies (Davis et al, 2000; Grundel and Pavlovic, 2007; Au et al.
El analisis de funcionamiento diferencial de los items (FID) evidencio resultados de al menos un 6% de los items con sospecha leve de FID (Costa, Grundel, y Cuadro, 2011).
The 12 members are Alfredo Paulo Mendes (Guinea-Bissau), Joseph Betindji (Central African Republic), Rafique Mahomed (Mozambique), Christine Agimba (Kenya), Osama Mahmoud Humeida (Sudan), Philippe Nizeyimana (Belgium), Henrique Pissaia de Souza (Brazil), Charles Boamah, Chaiperson (African Development Bank Group), Moctar Coulibaly (BIDC) and Holger Grundel (UK), Frieda Nicolai, (Netherlands), and Abdenor Brahmi (France).
Asimismo se ha demostrado que es el mejor metodo en zonas aridas, debido a que es simple y eficiente para la captura de un mayor numero de individuos; por otra parte, Grundel et al.
Grundel, workforce development manager for the network, said the event aimed to present information about health professions to students who might not otherwise be exposed to them.
Grundel R, Jean RP, Frohnapple KJ, Glowacki GA, Scott PE and Pavlovic NB (2010) Floral and nesting resources, habitat structure, and fire influence bee distribution across an open-forest gradient.
The forest gave way to open savanna, where Grundel stopped and pointed: A female Karner, her dime-size blue wings ringed in orange and white, trembled on a sunflower in the breeze.
Blake 2005; Brawn 2006; Grundel & Pavlovic 2007; Au et al 2008), none have focused on Texas post oak savannah, which may exhibit latitudinal differences from studies conducted in more northern states (Davidowitz & Rosenweig 1998).
Koster A, Chew D, Grundel M, Bauer M, Kuppe H, Spiess BD.
And I said: "Here is a shape that shines, set On a grundel of Nature's law, a rooftree So innocent of imprecision That a man may enter in to find his freedom Like air breathed, and all his mind Would glow like a coal under bellows--(New 29) (10)
Expedition 6, Bill Pullman (also dir); music: Gary Grundel.