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a narrow-minded person who keeps critical watch on the propriety of others
[C18: named after Mrs Grundy, the character in T. Morton's play Speed the Plough (1798)]
ˈGrundyˌism n
ˈGrundyist, ˈGrundyite n


(ˈgrʌn di)

Mrs., a narrow-minded, conventional person who is extremely critical of any breach of propriety.
[after Mrs. Grundy, a character mentioned in the play Speed the Plough (1798) by Thomas Morton (1764?–1838), English playwright]
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Grundy, and help her sister through what she regarded as `a nonsensical business'.
Grundy of each respected reader's private circle--every one of whom can point to some families of his acquaintance who live nobody knows how.
Grundy who is troubling you, I do assure you that you can neglect the good person.
Joseph Grundy is wanted for breaching the conditions of his licence and for failing to appear at court.
Employees told Grundy that she needed to be "escorted" to a cashier to pay for the products, Allred said in a news conference.
Designer and builder Max Grundy doesnt just restore classic cars and trucks he creates icons.
Sean Cahill, Avison Young principal and managing director of the firm's Fairfield/Westchester office, has announced that Christopher Grundy has joined the firm as a Senior Associate, specializing in landlord and tenant representation within the office sector.
Next came Bede Academy's own Cantata choir, who performed selections from the 'Lion King' and a medley from 'Les Miserables'; solo performances from Rachel Grundy and Joanna Swainston were also featured.
KYLIE Minogue has paid tribute to Reg Grundy, the producer behind soap opera Neighbours, who has died at the age of 92.
Grundy ran out of his house with his wife and kicked the dog twice to the head to make it release its jaws.
I'm one of the older lay ministers--I've been doing it since before they even called us lay ministers; O'Della Grundy said with a chuckle, while going over an order of service she will use for a memorial later in the day.
REBECCA GRUNDY and Laura Marsh have been named in the England women's squad to tour New Zealand next month after returning from injury.