Gruyere cheese

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Gru´yere` cheese´

1.A kind of cheese made at Gruyère, Switzerland. It is a firm cheese containing numerous cells, and is known in the United States as Schweitzerkäse.
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Splash of olive oil; 1 leek, trimmed and sliced; 225g rindless smoked bacon, chopped; 19cm-round ready-cooked wholemeal pastry case; 75g Gruyere cheese, grated; 100ml single cream; 2 medium eggs; freshly ground black pepper; fresh chives, snipped into 2cm lengths
Delia includes Gruyere cheese in a recipe - you can't buy the stuff next day in any supermarket because it's all been snapped up by Delia-philes.
The burger comprises a Kobe beef patty, black truffles, seared foie gras, aged Gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and flecks of gold leaf on a brioche bun, and apparently the diner sells 20 to 25 a month.
50), here topped with gruyere cheese, or half a dozen escargots ($8.
STEP SIX - Sandwich the beef tomatoes with a fifth slice of bread and cover in a layer of melted Gruyere cheese.
Add 1/2 cup shredded gruyere cheese and 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese; stir until melted.
1tbsp olive oil | 1/2 onion, finely chopped | 2 cloves garlic, crushed | 1tsp smoked paprika | 400g small salad potatoes, cut into cubes | 150ml double cream | Splash dry white wine | 100g wild mushrooms, cleaned and chopped | 200g raw cooking chorizo, diced | 100g baby spinach | 50g grated gruyere cheese | 8 free-range eggs | 2tbsp fresh breadcrumbs | 1/2tsp chilli flakes | 2tbsp olive oil | Salt and pepper
Add the grated Gruyere cheese and whisk which thickens the sauce.
Sprinkle dough with gruyere cheese and pepper; cover with plastic wrap and let it stand in a warm place until at least doubled, 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Add a couple of slices of the toasted French bread and sprinkle with the grated Gruyere cheese and place under the grill or in a very hot oven to melt the cheese.
mac 'n' cheese BUrGer INGREDIENTS For the mac 'n' cheese 400g macaroni 70g butter 50g plain flour 800ml whole milk 100ml double cream Pinch of nutmeg 1/2tsp English mustard powder 1/2tsp Dijon mustard 50g mature cheddar 50g Gruyere cheese, grated 4 slices bacon, diced Breadcrumbs, plain flour and beaten eggs for coating the mac 'n' cheese.
One glass of white wine 50g Gruyere cheese - grated 50g blue cheese - grated A little olive oil and butter Six ripe figs Six tomatoes on the vine in two groups of three Selection of salad leaves Salt and freshly ground black pepper Pre-heat the oven to 220iC (gas mark 7)