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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of cretaceous fossil shells allied to the oyster.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Look closely at the rock formations further west within the bay and see that the beach is littered with examples of extinct Gryphaea (Oyster type mollusks) as well as Belemnites.
They probably gave rise to Gryphaea of the Gryphaeidae lineage.
Further west the the beach is littered with examples of extinct Gryphaea (Oyster type molluscs) as well as Belemnites.
1954 virgiliae * capensis Brachidontes Musculus Millard & Broekhuysen virgiliae * virgiliae 1970 Ostreidae Saccostrea Crassostrea Millard & Broekhuysen cucullata cucullata 1970 Saccostrea Gryphaea Day et al.
He has a large collection of 190 million-years-old Amethyst geode and Ammonite, 144 million years old wood fossils as well as Gryphaea and 190 million years old chambered nautilus.
At the low to middle transgressive systems tract of the depositional sequence Tc 1 and depositional sequence Tc 2, in two sections (Barranco de la Canada, C, and Barranco de la Masia, MA) faunal associations occur, which are dominated by Gryphaea cf.
Mull it over Find traces of Jurassic activity on Carsaig Bay on the Isle of Mull, where rocks on the shore boast fossils of aptly-named devil's toenails SCARY SIGHT Cast of the T-rex at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh (or Gryphaea) and Belemnites (marine molluscs).
Pinnotheres ostreum, parasitic on the American Oyster, Ostrea (Gryphaea) virginica.