great saphenous vein

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Noun1.great saphenous vein - the longest vein in the bodygreat saphenous vein - the longest vein in the body; runs from foot to the groin where it joins the femoral vein
saphenous vein, vena saphena - either of two chief superficial veins of the leg that drain blood from the foot
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"We are happy to announce that today we have launched the fuel additives 'Vinner Petrol Plus and Vinner Diesel Plus' in the Hyderabad market," GSV Prasad told ANI.
Evaluations were made concerning the situations of the great saphenous vein (GSV), the energy used in the treatments, and the results obtained.
With this transaction, Lightyear becomes the company's lead investor, followed by Oak HC/FT, PSG, GSV and a group composed of Therapy Brands' Founder and CEO Shegun Otulana, Chairman Ross Croley, other members of management as well as other investors.
GSV, SSV, and anterior/posterior accessory GSV territory from the thigh to calf were evaluated.
The GSV has historically been used for revascularisation of the right coronary artery and left circumflex artery and is the most commonly used conduit [2].
VTV Damodaran, president of GSV, said they presented plants to the guests, instead of bouquets, as suggested by Suri to uphold the ideals of Gandhi.
This is in correlation with the study done by Pramod Mirji et al (2011)1 among the 32 patients examined, 29 (90.63%) had varicosities of the GSV, while only 1 (3.13) patient had SSV varicosities and 2 (6.25%) of them had varicosities of both GSV and SSV.
No less than Mahatma Gandhi had then said that he actually envied GSV's martyrdom.
Senior Superintendent Rodelio Jocson, Maguindanao provincial director, said the incident occurred around 12 noon Sunday along Narciso Ramos Highway in Parang town, involving a blue dump truck (GSV 937) and a white D4D van (MEE 797) on Sunday, around 12 noon.
GSV Capital Corp (NASDAQ:GSVC), an investment fund, recently bought 225,000 shares of Facebook at an average price of $29.28 per share.
En dias sucesivos (5-7 de mayo) pudimos observar algunos individuos mas en la zona de estudio (Servat 2007a) y capturamos, mediante el uso de redes de neblina, un individuo hembra (GSV 1123, Tabla 1) el cual fue preparado como ejemplar de estudio para su posterior identificacion.