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n.1.One of the mixed-blood (Spanish-Indian) inhabitants of the pampas of South America; a mestizo.
2.An Indian who serves as a messenger.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Festival Park will be transformed into a culinary road map with more than 30 of the region's best food trucks in attendance, including: Pierogi Wagon, Lucy's, Piko Street Kitchen, Beaver's Donuts, Happy Lobster, Kate and Jan's Hot Dogs, Flying Tacos, Fat Shallot, Auntie Vee's, LaCocinita, Harold's Chicken, Giordano's, A Sweet Girl Cupcakes, Yum Dum, Carnival, Cheesie's, Wok N Roll by Bamboo, Cook's Ice Cream, Grumpy Guacho, Chicago Lunchbox, The Cookout on Wheels, Cookies with Flavor, Kona Ice, Crust Culture, Perk N Pickle, and more.
Choose from an array of delicious tapas dishes, mains including guacho steak and fajitas, plus rich desserts like chocolate ganache churros.
Versiones mas modernas y mas tradicionalmente politicas de este procedimiento son El Martin Fierro ordenado alfabeticamente (2007) de Pablo Katchadjian, El guacho Martin Fierro (2011) de Oscar Farina y "El amor" (2011) de Martin Kohan.
Ecuador's military has blamed the abduction on the Oliver Sinisterra Front, a group which counts between 70 and 80 rebels and is headed by Walter Artizala, an Ecuadoran in his 30s who goes by the name "Guacho".
Las muestras arqueologicas previamente analizadas indican el uso de tres fuentes: Sacanana (S1), fuente secundaria localizada en el cerro Guacho en la meseta de Somuncura, que es una de las mas ampliamente utilizadas en el norte y centro patagonico y que fuera descripta por primera vez por Stern et al.
For an additional charge (ranging from $6 to $8), guests opting for the Gaucho Lunch can add a selection of fire-roasted lamb, steak, chicken or pork carved tableside by the guacho chefs.