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As the bull's horns and stamping hoofs kept off the coyotes, so his shot- gun kept off these Solomon Islanders, these twilight shades of bushmen of the island of Guadalcanal.
AS WE CELEBRATE the 2017 holiday season, we can be thankful for the US Marines of the 1st Division and countless other Americans and Allied personnel who fought and won the six-month battle for Guadalcanal 75 years ago.
A few years later his unit, the 8th Marine Regiment, went into the fight at Guadalcanal, where he commanded a platoon of 37 mm gunners.
Operation KE: The Cactus Air Force and the Japanese Withdrawal from Guadalcanal by Roger Letourneau and Dennis Letourneau.
9, 1943, the World War II battle of Guadalcanal in the southwest Pacific ended with an Allied victory over Japanese forces.
Australia-SI partnership has reconstructed the damage infrastructures in West Guadalcanal.
The scene then shifts to Guadalcanal and the heroic stand at Edson's Ridge, thought by many to be the defining action of the fight for Guadalcanal.
Preston Foster stars in this drama based on the true events of 7 August, 1942, when Allied forces landed on the South Pacific island of Guadalcanal with the objective of denying the use of Japanese weaponry.
Operation KE; the Cactus Air Force and the Japanese withdrawal from Guadalcanal.
Naval Academy, he survived the sinking of two Navy ships, the USS Vincennes (CA 44) and USS De Haven (DD 469) in action at Guadalcanal.
Seventy years after the 1st Marine Division came ashore on Guadalcanal in 1942, the Marines returned there recently to commemorate that battle and pay tribute to the battle's veterans and their families.
11 September 2012 - Australian metals miner SolGold plc (LON:SOLG) said on Tuesday it had invited offers from potential buyers for its Guadalcanal joint venture (GJV) together with its partner NVL Solomon Islands Limited, a unit of US gold producer Newmont Mining Corp (NYSE:NEM).